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Back Safety

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Injuries to the spinal column or back region are common. Many back injuries go untreated and cause long-term damage. Depending on the nature of your work, activities at home and play, you may be a candidate for back injury.

Here are some compelling reasons to take care of your spine:

  • 80% of Americans will have a back injury that requires medical attention
  • Back injuries are the second most common cause of lost work time, next to the common cold
  • Back injuries occur more often at home than they do at work
  • Injured backs are often subject to re injury
  • In addition to missed work, there may be a lifetime of pain

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Keep Your Back Healthy

Statistics show that exercise, proper nutrition and reduction of stress can help alleviate the possibility of injuring your back.

Whether you have already injured your back, or would like information on back health, read this informative guide for more in-depth knowledge on this topic.

Spine Health

Back Pain Guide




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