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Back Injuries can occur from a variety of activities like falling, moving incorrectly or moving repetitively in awkward positions.

Impact Trauma and Repetitive Trauma can cause long term spinal injuries. Examples of Impact Trauma may include: falls, slips, being struck by materials or equipment, or being involved in an auto accident. Repetitive Trauma is caused by repetitive motion in an awkward position. Repetitive trauma usually includes motions or movement repeatedly.

In most work situations, objects that are very heavy are lifted and carried by machines such as forklifts. However, there are times when you may have to lift, adjust, or carry a heavy object. These are the times that you run the risk of injuring your back.

Fork Lifts carry heavy materials.



Impact Trauma and Repetitive Trauma create a condition known as CTDs (Cumulative Trauma Disorders).

CTDs affect muscles, tendons, and nerves at body joints, and are caused by working in an awkward position or lifting incorrectly over a period of time.

As you repeat an unhealthy positions or movements, small injuries begin to add up. If you do not change how or what you are doing, long-term injuries can occur.



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