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Extraordinary tools for web design, developing learning, designing instruction, teaching with technology and coaching are often the result of the knowledge and tools created by others. I am fortunate to be the recipient of such effects, but I do not own their intellectual origination. Rather these effects are only mine to examine and reuse in instructive and effective ways.

A good friend and fellow coach and I were visiting recently. As usual he pulled out his coaching hat and started in on me... "if you could write down in one page exactly the life you want to live, what would that look like?" The question was the same question I ask my own clients, but it was refreshing to have the tables turned and answer the question. The truth was, at first I was stumped. Why was there a quest to continue to learn and take more course work and get more credentials and ..... the list continues. In between thoughts and phone interruptions I was finally able to get my thoughts put into words.

In many ways I have all of it right now. I live in a beautifully sequestered peaceful living environment. I have all of what I need, want, desire already in my life, now. I don't need the letters behind my name or the credentials to prove what I know and who I am. In fact, these things have never meant much to me. Rather it is the explorations and learning I gain from being involved in these pursuits that nurtures me. In a word, a sentence, a phrase the short of it is this:

I love being, growing and "LEARNING." I love being the person in the lives of others who encourages them to grow, learn, experience and become a fully empowered person. My quest for learning is that I love to learn and I love to share the knowledge and wisdom with others. My quest for knowledge is not for academic demonstration, rather to learn more so others may benefit. My quest is to be the person who "helps" others to learn, to be the person who "coaches" others to grow and who "inspires" others to envision a perfect life and do everything within their power to be that person for themselves, in their own life.

I have a vision. I have knowledge. I have experience. What I desire is to be the person that does make a positive difference.

All the knowledge in the world is not useful unless something positive and empowering is done with it.

In our conversation my friend reminded me of why I am on this quest and that in fact I am on a very specific quest, one that is about learning and more importantly that is about the empowerment of others to learn, grow and develop in ways that can positively impact who they are and who they are yet to become.

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