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Each item has a roll-over and where possible a link to the project or related site. Each of the listed instructional projects provide information on the learning objectives, audience, and technology. Projects are listed only once, even though they may have multiple applications.

Organizations (rollover the topic to see the description)


Corrective Action Program

Manager Training


ISO Documentation (project)

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education

Government (site)

Prison Education Program


School To Work
Cochise County School To Work Site

Occupational Education &
Work Force Development

Business Ethics

Self Inventory

Successful Interview

Job Searching Strategies


Cover Letters

Job Applications

Creating a Vision

Higher Education

Advisor Training Adventure

Computer Information Science



Single Parent Program

Team Building

Vocational Interest Program

Small Business

Business Builder

WLE: Business Builder (project)

WLE: Team Building (project)

Product Demo:
All-Down (project)


Coaching Groups & Workshops

Coaching Forum

Master Minding & Pivot


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Organizations: Corporate, Coaching, Cooperative Education, Higher Education, Government, K-12, Occupational Education, Small Business



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