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Academic GoalsBack to Top of Page Leadership Plan

I am a lifelong learner. I love to learn. If you examine my career path you'll notice something very interesting.... I have always been involved in learning, whether I have been the student, the teacher, the coach or the instructional designer.

My academic goals are inspired by engaging in learning that is real-world and applies to an area I would like to develop additional tools or knowledge. I attend professional seminars, workshops and conferences to share and gain additional knowledge. This fall I am scheduled to attend the E-Learning Conference and the ICF Conference.

Academically, I will continue to attend courses at universities or schools of higher education. Most likely, for a time, I will be finally catching - up on my reading list and learning the tools and technologies that I have not had time to learn while being involved in a graduate program. See what I am working on now.

I have a few more courses I want to take that are in usability and software applications like: Advanced Flash, Breeze and Authorware. Some of these applications I can learn on my own, but there are times when it is nice to be exploring new knowledge with someone who has a bit more experience and knowledge. I'll be keeping busy learning new technologies, design, virtual learning environments, web based applications and new tools for learning.

Professional Goals Back to Top of Page

My current business is expanding to include consulting and services in instructional learning technology and instructional design. In December, 2002 I shifted the focus of my marketing and business positioning to include these new services. My business is now marketed under "Design To Success," which can be found on the Internet at I'm continuing to develop strategic alliances for work as a consultant in Instructional Learning and Instructional Design in addition to the current clients and projects I am involved in. Additionally, I am a strategic partner in several other businesses where I am continuing to build applications and web tools. I'll have a bit more availability now to complete the projects for Brain-Trusts, Biological Solutions, Success Coach and Professional Cart Solutions all of which I am in one way or another a coach, partner or owner.

Networks of Learning & Virtual Learning Communities

One of my interests is developing a Virtual Business Learning Community. In my Action Research in Fall 2002 I explored this area and now want to develop this into a learning portal to use with clients and as a learning community.

I am currently exploring technologies and determining ways to make such a portal sustainable and manageable, while contributing value to the community at large. One of the compelling questions I have about learning communities is whether students learn more by having a virtual learning community to support them in their virtual learning.

A sidebar conversation to this interest is exploring Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems as a Learning & Knowledge Management Solution. I expect to be broadening my existing knowledge in these topics and related issues to strengthen my understanding of what makes sense in some learning environments and is nonessential to the business of learning in other situations. Generally, I anticipate the questions I have are much too broad and will lead me down many paths of understanding in these topics and related issues of virtual learning environments and learning communities.

Communities of Practice and Professional Growth

Over the years I have participated in many professional, service and special interest groups. What I have often found is a core group of individuals committed to the vision and practice. I have also found a group of professionals with whom I would choose to learn, explore and experience the knowledge and field of the industry. I have noticed I transition in and out of these groups depending on my needs, interests and professional focus.

I anticipate another shift from the existing groups and organizations into new areas of interest. My profession of business, coaching and writing is essential and still core to what I am growing and developing. But the communities of practice and professional growth in the areas of virtual learning, instructional learning technologies and human performance improvement are areas I anticipate more shifts and changes around where I place my professional growth and development. I enjoy the many list-serves I am on that deal with distance learning, design, accessibility, issues of usability and learning. I expect that the next several years will find a settling out of the types of organizations I rely on to learn and how I spend time researching information and finding communities of practice that are in alignment with my core principles and understandings. I also anticipate that new resources will continue to shift my knowledge and how I work with clients to achieve specific goals and objectives.

For now my plan is to continue professional networking with professionals in Instructional Learning Technology, Performance Improvement, Web Development, Writing, Consulting and Coaching organizations.

Instructional Opportunities

I have enjoyed being in the classroom and teach adults in a variety of learning environments. I'm looking forward to teaching some of the virtual courses I have designed. I am also looking forward to teaching in the Web Learning Environment for Higher Education. I am currently exploring opportunities to teach as adjunct faculty in the area of Web Learning and Instructional Learning. I feel the best way to stay in touch with learning and learners is to be in the classroom both as a student and as an instructor. I enjoy being with students and helping them to grow and feel teaching is one of the ways I can return something back to the community in a way that is empowering and meaningful.

CredentialsBack to Top of Page

In my five year plan I set several goals for professional development. Many of these are included in this list of acquiring credentials in my profession(s).

Alliance of Professional Consultants (2003)
Certificate of Advanced Professional Consultant

Boulder Writer's Alliance - Steering Committee & Member

Coach University (2003)
Continued certification/renewal of Professional Certified Coach- 40 Hours Coach Training. Professional Excellence curriculum

UC-Denver - MA - ILT (2003)

UC-Denver - Web Based Learning Certificate (2003)

International Coaching Federation - Professional Certified Coach - Recertifed. Apply for Master Certified Coach in 2004


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