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Professionally, I have been developing core skills, knowledge and education to expand my career in learning technologies. Since the early 1990's I have been teaching and developing training for adults in the areas of vocational education, career development, post secondary education and life skills. During this time I felt there were more tools I needed to grow. I began developing my skills as a coach through a combination of mentoring, distance learning and coaching skill building. While creating my coaching business I noticed a trend in training and coaching programs. I realized many programs were being developed without the foundation of design strategies that help the learners to learn. I was concerned that time and resources were being wasted on models that did not invest in supporting the learners to learn. Most of the programs were designed in ways that did not translate into real learning. Having come from teaching occupational and vocational skills, I was uncomfortable with how the training was being taught. I recognized there was a gap in the methods being used to design and deliver programming.

Meanwhile, the Internet and computer based learning was becoming more popular. Computers were being integrated more into adult education and with the Internet new ways of delivering skills were being introduced into adult learning and nontraditional programming. While formal training was beginning to adopt new ways of delivering education, coaching curriculum was transitioning as well. I wanted to adopt some of the tools and alternative ways of delivering education to clients and adult learners. I felt under-prepared to design and deliver training for these technology based learning environments. I enrolled in the Instructional Learning Technologies graduate program to mitigate this gap in my knowledge.

For the past two years I have been examining adult learning theories, web based learning, learning technologies and message design. I have developed a core group of competencies in using instructional design in web based learning environments. I have also developed a deeper understanding of distance education, learning styles, constructivism and other practices relevant to designing instruction. I have developed more skill in web design, software applications and learning management. I now bring theory into practice by creating products that demonstrate my capabilities as an instructional designer and instructional learning technologist. I now bring knowledge, skill and creativity into designing instruction for a myriad of learning environments, including computer and web based learning environments.

In this portfolio I have been very intentional about the layout and design. I care deeply that websites use good message design and are accessible. I have intentionally layered the site messaging to give multi-layered user cues. I have included useful tools like a map and layers of navigation to provide many ways to access pages and information. In the matrix section you'll see how you can access projects at the matrix level and the responsibilities level. In all of the projects, you will be able to link directly to the project artifacts using the review projects button. Many of the artifacts have several products to provide a comprehensive review of the project, artifacts and design strategies.

The about me section allows for a more intimate review of my professional goals, interests, continued skills development and resume. This area mirrors my current practice and professional development strategies. I have also written a professional leadership plan that is a lengthy document containing my thoughts, views and inspirations. This is a very philosophical document, a document written as an academic capstone for my academic studies at UCD. In some ways this document represents my thinking, philosophies and inspirations. I consider this document to be table top reading as it demonstrates a bit of my love of literature, spiritual inspirations and philosophies. The leadership plan is not intended to be a concrete document of my professional aspirations, as this is covered in the about me section of this portfolio.

The showcase provides a more in-depth review of the types of courses and programs I have designed and the skills and capabilities I have using a variety of media and tools. The showcase is meant to be a sampler of skills to give a review of the depth of experience and skills with a variety of design environments and media. I feel this portfolio is a beautiful composite of the complexities, inspirations and academic explorations I have been creating as I continue to build my career and talent.

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