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Making Medicine

A little known fact about me is that I like to do Wild Crafting (that means collect wild herbs). Now that we are transitioning into Summer I am out daily checking out the local materia medica and finding new places to collect plant samples for teas, tinctures and flower arrangements. With the burn in the Big Elk Meadow area we are now able to find Morrel Mushrooms. And with all of the moisture we hope to get some great puff balls this year. Besides the edibles, some of my favorite herbs like nettles and skullcap are back. And for the first time in three years I finally found a Lady Slipper again. It is certainly nice to have the moisture!

Hiking the Rockies

One of the luxuries of living in the Colorado Rockies is easy access to hiking. I like to take daily hikes around our area and explore the awesome views and terrain. Our area is rich with hiking trails, lakes, streams and rocks. At times we head up to the Peak-To-Peak to find new trails - especially when the weather in the lower elevations gets too warm. We enjoy everything from the Montaine to the Alpines during the year. We are able to hike year round, so enjoy the forest on a regular basis.

Living In Big Elk Meadows

We have the best of all worlds - beauty, nature and great outdoor activities right out our front door. My other full-time hobby is living in this incredible environment. That being said, we've bought a property in Estes Park to build a home - another world from here, but equally inviting. I would expect that the next few months will be a plethora of selling, moving and then finally building. While we are enjoying every moment we have in Big Elk, I'm looking forward to having the conveniences of city living on our "Old Man Mountain."



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