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Becky Haugen
Lyons, Colorado
voice: 303.823.0373
fax: 303.823.0375
email: becky @

Profile: Well-rounded instructional technologist and designer, professional web developer, business and personal coach & consultant, instructor and writer with diverse business experience and innovative strategies.

Professional Expertise:

Professional Experience
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Success Coach & Design To Success
Lyons, CO 1996 - Present
Design, develop and implement instructional learning technologies. Assist businesses, organizations, and individuals with planning, design, and development. Support individuals and groups to work more effectively, develop professional and personal skills. Innovate businesses and organizations in the area of continued improvement and business development.

Selected Accomplishments:

Selected Professional Development:

Rocky Mountain Botanical School

Boulder, CO 1998 - 1999
Academic & Student Services Administrator for Colorado Occupational School. Occupational programming included certificate, seminar and symposium curriculum for adults.

Selected Accomplishments:

Marriott & Youth Fair Chance
Douglas, Arizona 1995-1996
Instructional Partner for grant funded program to implement School To Work occupational program in rural High School.

Selected Accomplishments:

Cochise College
Douglas, Arizona 1988-1996
Administrator and Instructor for occupational and academic programming for adults.

Selected Accomplishments:

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Extensive participation in workshops and conferences including: coach training, business consulting, instructional design, web learning, leadership, web technology, database development, adult education, quality improvement and business/entrepreneurship.

Technical, software applications, and website development skills including (but not limited to): PC and Macintosh, Windows OS, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, HTML Editors including Dreamweaver-UltraDev and FrontPage, Microsoft Access, Publisher, Project Manager, PowerPoint and Visio. Photo editing programs including Photo Shop, Fireworks, browsers, programming (HTML, ASP, Flash and others), use and troubleshooting. Desk Top Publishing. E-Commerce Business Solutions

Technical & Professional Development Writing, Public Speaking, Professional Coaching

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