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Internet & Web Coaching

Starting a new Internet Business? Have an existing Internet Business that needs a business-tune-up? Not getting the results you need for your Internet presence? Looking for some new ways to distribute your products or services on the web? Need a shopping cart or other business tools?

Business Development Web Coach Becky Haugen offers professional business coaching for on-line and brick/mortar types of small businesses.
Accept Credit Cards and Sell Products and Services from Your Website Now!

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Role I Serve As The Web Development Coach

Web Coaching Experience
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Why Web Development Coaching Works
The client's learning curve is shortened through the direct expertise of the coaching The client has access to all the coach resources for developing their business on-line The coach and the client address the business, on-line presence and marketing elements of the on-line business presence. The client has the full support of the coach to develop the technological skills needed to be successful in their on-line business The client gains the vision, organization and planning needed to grow their on-line business

Role I Serve As The Web Development Coach

Indicators That You Could Use A Web Development Coach
1. You need to plan, organize and develop any aspect of your on-line business presence.
2. You or your clients continue to change the web site, without reaching the tangible result.
3. You or your client do not know what to write or how to go about building the site content.
4. The web site does not clearly communicate the client's services or products.
5. The client has not clearly defined the business and this gets in the way of the web development.
6. Your web site, or your client's web site is not launched.

The perfect client to work with the Web Coach is anyone who is motivated to get their project finished, the right way. We work with clients who have the passion and the desire to build an accurate representation of their business and is very willing to be coached on the steps to achieve a successful on-line business presence. Finally, the client is able to work with a coach and will fully partner with the coach to get the project to completion.

Contact Design to Success and let's begin to work in tandem as a functional part of your web development business. Contact her at 303-823-0373.

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