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Web Coaching

Improving Your Message -Designing Your Content

As a technical writer, author, web developer and coach I have the tools to support, develop and implement your project. Working in tandem makes a lot of sense where you have a limited amount of time to rehash content and work to get your website on-line and generating business. Whether you need writing for a new product, an existing Web site, or are just launching your Internet presence for the first time, having a trained writer & coach is an efficient answer to your project.

Web Writing

As a Web & Internet Business Coach, I offer my coaching and writing skills. I bring my own web experiences and knowledge to help educate the new web client. I also bring the importance of language, message and clean editing to make the pages content flow for the client's web design.

As a new web pioneer, or long-term web site developer do you struggle with the problem of "what to develop for web content?"

New entrants into Internet marketing and business have a strategic learning curve ahead of them and the creation of content is one of the challenges a new website owner is challenged to create. I have seen sites literally fail because the content was not delivered, or the client could never get started developing the message. Using a trained writer and coach can be a very helpful resource for getting the project completed.

A note for web developers:

As a web developer and business coach, I have discovered that the largest gap in building web sites is not what the web host/ web designer can do for their client. Rather, it is what the client knows about what to "WRITE" for their web site.

What would web design look like if you could "hand-off" the piece of actually coaching your clients through the web authoring part of their web site? Doesn't it make sense to delegate to a technical / web coach some of the parts of developing the clients content? Then you can get down to the real business, which is actually "designing" and putting the real web pieces in place.


I work on an hourly basis and am able to accept credit card payments using secure payment processing. If this is a service you or your clients can use, please send them to this website, have them contact me and let's see what we can do to move the project forward.

What I Bring to the Partnership:

Internet Web Design/Authorship
Technical Writing Skill
On-Line Experience
Coaching & Internet Expertise
Web Knowledge in on-line marketing and start-up basics
Personal/High-Touch relationships with clients
Experience in writing/editing and authorship of web content

Contact Design to Success and let's begin to work in tandem as a functional part of your web development business.

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